Who We Are

Proven Management Team at DADA

DADA is the investment and management arm of the D’Addario Family Office. DADA makes both control and passive investments in various industries. A small team of experienced operators and investors, DADA continues to look for opportunities to build its portfolio of investments, both control and passive, across the globe. DADA gives philanthropically to many organizations in the local communities in which we work and live and focuses most of its charitable endeavors on the neurodiverse community through its Liv It Up Foundation.

David D’Addario


Chairman & CEO of DADA; Principal of DFO; Chairman of ElementUS; Chairman & CEO of NICHE European Holdings (“NICHE”); Former Chairman & CEO of Wise Metals (“Wise”) and New Day Aluminum (“New Day”).

35+ years of experience operating industrial and other businesses.

BA from Yale University.

  • Robert Ericson


    Vice Chairman of NICHE; Former Vice Chairman of New Day; Former CLO of Wise.

    20 years of aluminum industry experience.

    BA and MA from Johns Hopkins University, JD from the University of Virginia.
  • Monte Schaefer


    CFO of NICHE; Board Member of ElementUS; Former CFO of Wise and New Day.

    20 years of aluminum industry experience.

    BS from the U.S. Air Force Academy,  MBA from Golden Gate University and JD from Emory University.
  • Anthony Laura


    CLO of NICHE and Renew Recycling; former CLO and GC of New Day; former director of Wise and member of the Audit Committee.

    BA in Economics from Yale University and a JD from Fordham.
  • Ryan Boland


    CEO of the D’Addario Family Office.
    Chief Investment Officer - DADA Holdings
    CEO & Board Member – ElementUS
    Board Observer -Firefly Aerospace

    12 years of experience in Investment and Private Banking at J.P. Morgan.

    BS in Accounting from Villanova
  • Dan Byrne


    COO/CFO of the D’Addario Family Office; CFO of Renew Recycling; CIO & Board Member – ElementUS.

    12 years experience in finance and banking.

    BA from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Northwestern University.
  • Maria Guerrero


    Controller of DADA portfolio companies, including Renew Recycling, NICHE European Holdings, and ElementUS.

    20+ years of accounting experience in various industries.

    BBA in Accounting from the University of Puerto Rico, Masters of Accountancy from the University of North Florida, and a licensed CPA.

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