Excerpt From Veneto Region:

Venice, 31 January 2023 – 

The regional councilor for labor Elena Donazzan and the regional councilor for economic development Roberto Marcato met the top management of Niche Fusina Rolled Products Srl today at Palazzo Balbi. The meeting was attended by the company's president Thomas Robb, the CEO Vincenzo Zinni and Roberta Trevisol; for the DADA group the CEO David D'Addario and the CFO Monte Schaefer.

Niche Fusina Rolled Products is the company, headed by the US group DADA, specialized in the production of industrial rolled aluminum products which, in 2022, took over the former Alcoa plant in Porto Marghera from Slim Fusina Rolling in an arrangement with creditors. The process allowed the production compendium and 248 jobs to be saved, thanks to the commitment of the social partners, the workers' representatives, the Veneto Region and the State which supported the recovery operation by intervening in the capital of the new company through the Safeguard Fund managed by Invitalia.

During today's meeting, councilor Donazzan thanked the top management of the Dada group for the decision to invest in the relaunch of a reality, such as that of aluminum processing, which the Veneto Region and the State consider strategic and invited them to consider further opportunities. “The Veneto area - underlined Donazzan - presents other important opportunities for investment and the relaunch of companies operating in various sectoral areas which express a strong potential thanks to the skills of the workers and the liveliness of the regional productive fabric”.

Councilor Marcato spoke of the potential offered by the Porto Marghera area: on the one hand the recognition of the Simplified Logistics Zone (Zls) of Venice, which gives it a greater attractiveness for investments, on the other the strategic development plan with a view to the Hydrogen Valley of the Veneto

"Porto Marghera is an extraordinary place to invest - intervenes the regional councilor for economic development Roberto Marcato - With the ZLS, with Venice as the world capital of sustainability and with the birth of the Hydrogen Valley, Porto Marghera will increasingly be the ideal place to do business. Innovation, research, technology, energy. These are the watchwords of this area with enormous potential”.

The top management, after having thanked the Veneto Region for the support obtained, explained that today the activity of the plant is full in the relaunch phase both in production and market terms. The company has launched an extensive reorganization and investment process aiming at the acquisition of new orders, the revision of production processes and therefore energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Among the strategic investments made is the construction of a system capable of calculating the carbon footprint of products defined by the CO2 emissions generated by procurement, internal processing and transport for delivery. This system allows you to provide customers, attached to invoices, a certificate with information relating to the carbon footprint associated with each product: coils, laminates and custom plates. The certification, as well as being useful for guiding customers' purchasing choices, has the purpose of enhancing the commitment to reduce emissions, as well as identifying new ways to reduce the carbon intensity of products, production processes and the chain of supply.

“The forward-looking adoption of an analysis and certification system of this type strengthens the company's ability to further reduce the impact on carbon emissions and allows it to anticipate regulatory changes and the requests of the most demanding customers and therefore to consolidate and expand its presence on the market - concludes councilor Donazzan - is a model, this, which should be promoted among energy-intensive companies and beyond".

Contact: Dan Byrne, Partner, DADA (dbyrne@dadaholdings.com)